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Joseph Fine & Katlyn Aubut — Minted

Joseph Fine


Katlyn Aubut

Joseph Fine and Katlyn Aubut

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

4 days until the big day!

Our Story

Joe and Kate's love first blossomed in Beacon Hill, however this is not where their story began. It started with Kate and Joe being introduced via mutual friend Patrick Danner in college. When Joe moved from New York to Boston their acquaintanceship turned into a deep friendship. Joe and Kate would often joke about the two of them getting married in the future, even as friends they felt a heightened sense of connection around each other. The first time Kate went to Joe's Beacon Hill studio apartment they ate what Kate would eventually refer to as "sushi on the stools". This sushi on stools tradition began due to Joe having zero furniture when they first started dating, thus leading them to sit on the couch and eat sushi off of a couple of wooden stools. Their journey took its next step when Joe proposed to Kate at the Kentucky Derby. The proposal was sandwiched between Joe hitting an exact trifecta on a horse race and standing next to Drake and Jack Harlow in line. While life does throw curveballs, Kate and Joe have overcome adversity together, traveled to sporting events together across the country, and loved each other unconditionally.

We are so incredibly excited to celebrate our love with so many of our friends and family!